Five facts that prove just how epic the 2019 Wimbledon men’s singles final was

The 2019 Wimbledon in a number of singles last had all of the makings of the epic major: Reigning champ Novak Djokovic trying to defend their title, Roger Federer on course to become the oldest man on view era in order to win a great Slam public title and the opportunity of a new guideline to decide the particular winner in case a tie crack became essential.

When the 2 met around the court Weekend, they failed to disappoint. Listed below are five details that show why the particular match should go down of all time:

Clocking within at 4 hours plus 55 moments, the match up is the greatest Wimbledon last ever, smashing the record formerly set simply by Federer and Rafael Nadal within 2008.

In order to put an end to the particular marathon fits that have happened at Wimbledon over the years, the particular All-England Golf club announced final October that the new tie-breaking procedure would certainly go into efficient in 2019. The guideline states that will men, females, mixed increases and juniors will play the tiebreaker once the score gets to 12-12 within the final fixed. With Djokovic and Federer swapping units throughout the fit, the tiebreaker was necessary to end the last for the first time actually.


For the 2nd time in their career, Djokovic won consecutive Wimbledon game titles. He initial accomplished the particular feat within 2015 subsequent his 2014 victory. He’s won Wimbledon five moments total.

In 32 years of age, Djokovic grew to become the first guy over thirty in the Open era to protect a Wimbledon title.

Although the match has been back and forth till the final link break, Djokovic taking a arranged early was a great indication he’d emerge successful given their track record. He or she is 7-0 towards Federer within Grand Slams when winning the first arranged. Oddly, he or she lost the 2nd set 6-1 before lastly winning many hours later. Requested what this individual was many proud of upon Sunday, he or she said, “Resilience. ”

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